NAUTILUS gests third party validation. Brest, France


On January 25th, NAUTILUS floating Solutions conducted some trial tests at the «Institute Français de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la Mer” in Brest, France.

NAUTILUS gets external validation.” NAUTILUS technology and design process has been analyzed and validated by three of the most important players in the offshore wind sector. DNV-GL issued a declaration of conformity for NAUTILUS‘s conceptual design, while RAMBOLL conducted a critical review of the technology design and the NAUTILUS design process. ORE CATAPULT analyzed the potential market and the single point of sale for the semi-submersible four-column technology. None of them found significant failures for the development of the technology and their access to the enormous potential market of the offshore floating wind sector.

NAUTILUS is now working to produce a real-scale demonstration project -FLOW- with the support of the Basque Government’s HAZITEK funding program and leading a consortium of 15 companies. Most of them are settled in the estuary of Bilbao and the port area, covering almost the entire supply chain and being some of them the main suppliers of the Hywind Scotland project.

Jesús M. Busturia, Managing Director and Raúl Rodríguez, CTO of NAUTILUS




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