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The marine energy sector

  • Is experiencing great growth
  • Is showing large market prospects
  • Is witnessing massive deployment of bottom-fixed offshore wind power in shallow waters
  • Is having huge expectations in floating solutions in Spain and other countries without a continental shelf.



NAUTILUS & TECNALIA have a long track record in the field of offshore renewables by

  • Supporting companies to reduce uncertainties in investing in Floating Offshore Wind Energy
  • Supporting the innovation of solutions along the supply chain of Floating Offshore Wind

Wind Farm Layout definition and support on early-stage permitting, including

  • Site selection and feasibility studies.
  • Wind farm layout definition attending to different criteria:
    • Site selection and feasibility studies.
    • Wind farm layout definition attending to different criteria:
    • Minimization of electrical losses
    • Reduction of cable length and installation time
    • Avoiding mooring and cable interaction
    • Defining the optimal transmission system (HVAC, HVDC, reactive compensation)
  • Support documentation for Project permitting
  • Array cables alternatives
  • Techno-economic feasibility studies
  • Socio-economic impact
  • LCA analysis

Advanced hydrodynamic modelling

Multibody hydrodynamic simulations in frequency and time domain.

Detailed evaluation of sea loads – waves and currents.

Design of validation tests at reduced scale – laboratory – and in real operating conditions.

Structural mapping of hydrodynamic loads using proprietary tools.

Hydrodynamic model and results (Motion RAO and drift force)

Tank Test campaigns performed


  • Metocean conditions interpretation & DLCs definition.
  • Coupled models in OpenFast or Orcaflex.
  • Model setup including tunned controller, WTG, tower, floater (with structural flexibility) and station keeping system.
  • Simulation of cases using our cloud computers.
  • Analysis and Interpretation of results.

Coupled model workflow


  • Conceptual and basic design with extensive knowledge of applicable codes and regulations.
  • FEM analysis for SLS, ULS (buckling), FLS and ALS.
  • Fatigue life assessment using time series or frequency domain analysis.
  • Modal analysis and Campbell diagrams.
  • 3D models & drawings.

Pontoon scantling

Campbell diagram

Load analysis and evaluation of Station Keeping System & Dynamic cable performance

  • Design and specification of mooring line systems (chain or synthetic solutions) and connection details.
  • Design and specification of dynamic cable.
  • ULS, ALS and FLS analysis

Synthetic station keeping system model


Conceptual design and feasibility analysis of new concepts for offshore renewables (support structure, moorings, electrical connection, etc.)

O&M based on assets digitalization.



CAD models

Rhinoceros- SolidWorks

Structural Analysis

Ansys Mechanical

Dynamic of Wind Turbines (ILA)

OpenFAST /OrcaFlex

In-house numerical
& analytical models



Ansys Aqwa

Mooring / Cable Analysis /
Manoeuvring Simulations


Floating laboratory in a real offshore environment (HarshLab). Owned and operated by Tecnalia.