Perspectives for the offshore wind technology in Spain

On October 18, REOLTEC organized in the auditorium of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and competitiveness in Madrid, a day on offshore wind in Spain. The objective was to make known the current situation of the market and the position of the Spanish industry, as well as to advance in the possible lines of research and in the collaboration with other countries for the development of joint projects.

The opening sesión was presented by Mr. Juan Virgilio Márquez, AEE General Director and coordinator of the event, who presented the topics to be discussed during the same: Situation of the international market of the offshore wind, Position of the Spanish sector in the offshore wind, Research priorities and test platforms, and finally International Collaboration: opportunities for joint projects with Japan.

In the picture we can see the Managing Director of NAUTILUS Floating Solutions, Jesus M. Busturia, moderator of the debate “Position of the Spanish sector in the offshore wind (II)”.




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