R&D Projects INTEGRIA PROJECT GOALS The INTEGRIA project research will make possible: 01. Design of high service life wind farms 02. Maintenance operations analyzing the state of structural health, remaining life estimation, maintenance planning, operation optimization, etc. All these actions will have an impact not only on technical training, but also on cost optimization, both […]


R&D Projects SEAPOWER PROJECT GOALS One of the differential factors defining the SEAPOWER project is that it is the first large scale collaboration project in the offshore wind power sector among the major Basque engineering firms and the leading manufacturers of structures and components. New technologies: 01. Numerical and parameter modelling of wind turbine-structure […]

The Leaf

R&D Projects THE LEAF PROJECT GOALS The LEAF project (Liderazgo Español para al Avance de la eólica Flotante), Spanish Leadership for the Progress of Floating Wind Energy), led by Esteyco, has been funded by the Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development, CDTI, within the framework of the MISIONES. This program is cofounded by the European […]

Wind 2 Grid

R&D Projects WIND2GRID PROJECT GOALS 01. To develop new floating structure concepts valid for multiple locations, including shallow (60-100 m) and deep (around 1000 m) waters. 02. Advanced numerical modelling applied to research into the hydrodynamic behaviour of complex structures and dynamic umbilical cables. 03. Research into the dynamics of the mooring systems of […]


R&D Projects FLOAT&M PROJECT GOALS 01. Modelling O&M costs, including their various descriptive criteria according to the different possible floating platform technologies and maintenance ranges, enabling enough flexibility to include new variants and new knowledge as they become available. 02. Development of a drone system with a high autonomy level (smart navigation). 03. Application of solutions […]