R&D Projects



The INTEGRIA project research will make possible:


Design of high service life wind farms


Maintenance operations analyzing the state of structural health, remaining life estimation, maintenance planning, operation optimization, etc. All these actions will have an impact not only on technical training, but also on cost optimization, both in CAPEX (Capital Expenditures) and, above all, in OPEX (Operational Expenditures) of floating wind farms, especially relevant when talking about commercial size wind farms.

In this context, INTEGRIA’s general objective is the research on the structural integrity of high added value components, which will allow Basque companies to access the huge potential market of floating offshore wind. Achieving this is only possible with digital models as a key means to solve the problems with innovations around the generation of the single integral model formed by several digital models based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) of elements of the structure (transition piece, TP), the anchoring system, the evacuation and power supply elements, the access system, or the hydraulic and mechanical systems for the wind turbine control.




Líder del proyecto: Nautilus Floating Solutions S.L.


// Navacel Process Industries S.A.
// Pine Instalaciones y Montajes S.A.
// Ditrel Industrial S.L.
// Kera Coat S.L.
// Coremarine Solutions S.L.
// Matz-Erreka S. Coop.

// Ibermatica S.A.
// Innomat Coatings S.L.
// Lau Lagun Bearings S.L.
// Alerion Technologies S.L.
// Glual Energy S.L.
// Hine Renovables, S.L.